Vaping is the consumption of vapor that contains tobacco by using of the electronic cigars. May be what you have known for all the time are the cigars. The same process can be referred to as the smoking especially when you are using the normal cigars. So if it is the smoke that is consumed, the process uses the word smoke. If on the side of the e-cigarettes the vapor is inhaled, you need to say that you are vaping and not smoking. The two processes are used widely to consume tobacco through inhaling.

Tobacco contains nicotine that has very strong addiction and odor. The production of normal cigars has made it possible for many people in the world to be smokers. Maybe one of the factors that have led to the increased number of smokers is the fact that these normal cigars are extremely cheap and accessible at the same time. The counterparts of these normal cigars are e-cigarettes. They are considered to be modern cigars since they are made out of the recent technology. This article will help you understand the clear differences between normal cigars and electronic cigars. These differences are brought about by the various components that these devices have. The following are some of these components that make the e-cigars different from the normal ones;

  • Heating mechanism
  • E-liquid
  • Tobacco state

Heating mechanism

Normal cigars are known to be lit by any source of fire for them to be able to burn the tobacco that is fitted within them. As the tobacco burns, the smoke is always produced. This smoke contains some percentages of nicotine. Smokers therefore sniff the smoke so as to benefit from the low levels of concentration of nicotine. This is not the case with e-cigarettes. Electronic cigars are advanced in technology in that they are able to sustain themselves. They have a battery that powers a coil. The coil will then burn tobacco liquid at the highest temperatures so that it gets vaporized and eventually vapor is availed ready for consumption. The battery therefore ought to be recharged as often as possible.


It is a special liquid that enables the whole process to be a success. This is the only source of tobacco to your electronic cigar. It doesn’t have dry tobacco just like it is the case when using the normal cigars. The liquid is therefore extracted from tobacco leaves so that it can be stored in the reservoirs of your cigar. The moment you are interested in vaping, this liquid will then have to be vaporized very fast to make the vaping possible. This is quite different from what you can expect from a normal cigar.

Tobacco state

Tobacco in the normal cigar exists in the solid state. It is carefully selected to meet the quality. It is then dried so as it can last for a long time then they are used to make the normal cigars. On the other hand, the e-cigarettes are associated with liquids that are vaporized.